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Hope you all have had a great Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting New Year’s Eve!  I’ve been dodging snow in Seattle by spending some time in California with my family and working from Microsoft’s Mountain View office in the heart of Silicon Valley. Live Mesh has been nominated for Best Technology Innovation…


How Live Mesh saved the day at Le Web

I’m back from Europe and Le Web in Paris!  It was an interesting conference that had it’s fair share of problems, from heating to lack of internet connectivity.  It’s been well documented how many of the exhibitors and startups were unable to demonstrate their web applications and Europe’s premier web conference and whilst somewhat ironic…


What is an Evangelist?

Courtesy of Simon and Index Cards


Loving LeWeb – Attendees get free 30GB storage on Live Mesh

  We’re pleased to announce that to celebrate LeWeb’08 and Microsoft’s official partnership with the event, we are providing attendees exclusive access to 30GB of free Live Mesh online storage.  To claim your 30GB storage on Live Mesh please stop by the Live Mesh booth in the Microsoft zone and register with either myself (James…


Live Mesh Blogger meetup in London

I’m calling out Steve Clayton and Steve Lamb on this one.  Looks like if you have a hand in organizing these events you get missed off the bill!  It’s like having a birthday party and you don’t get an invite.  Anyway, seems like you have to decide whether I can go to my own gig. …


TechCrunch and Facebook Federate: Privacy meltdown?

Facebook and TechCrunch are in a relationship.  You can now sign in using your Facebook account and use those credentials to leave comments on TC posts.  I went to try it and had the comment fields pre-populated with something else – bit weird!  CLARIFICATION – Someone else’s details were pre-populated in the comment box -…


Delighting customers – a business imperative

Having been in the USA for a little over a month, there can be a lot said for the customer service I’ve come to expect and how far people will go to make sure you – the customer – are delighted with your experience.  It’s a far cry from Europe where the majority of the…


Christmas Gifts from Zune

Got into the office today to find a nice gift from the Zune team waiting for me.  They’ve given me 2 free music passes to the Zune marketplace! Nice touch guys.


Types of Live Framework Applications

There are two types of application that you can build using Live Framework: 1. Mesh enabled web-application AJAX or RIA Silverlight apps Hosted in Live Mesh Uses Live Framework Support Application Lifecycle: Users – Discover, License/Subscribe, Use, Share, Socialize, Update, Uninstall Developers – Evaluate, Develop, Test, Publish, Market, Analyze, Update 2. Any other application Anything…


Extending the Mesh Cloud

One of the common questions I’ve been getting from developers and IT guys about Mesh is how we are planning to get the infrastructure, storage and platform in Mesh delivered in an on-premise scenario so that individuals or businesses can take advantage of the Mesh capabilities yet retain control over their data and devices rather…