T5M – possibly the coolest Silverlight app to date


T5M (The 5th Medium) is an online magazine that merges the worlds of print and video in a very rich way.  It's a good example of how we see Silverlight being used in the future too with a combination of Ajax being used for some parts of the UI and Silverlight for others.  It's the video experience powered by Silverlight that makes the site really come alive though and the large video explorer is something rather special.

For the large video explorer in the screen shot above click the down arrow:


I know some of the guys at Microsoft UK who have been working on this beauty of app and hopefully I can steal a couple of moments with them to capture them on camera for Partner-TV soon to find out how they did it.  Speaking of which this has inspired me to redesign the Partner TV blog, watch this space!

Check out T5M here

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  1. Alex Bienz says:

    I’m using Firefox and I’m persistently warned about unresponsive scripts, it actually crashed my browser after a few minutes of it being opened.

    Also why are the thumbnails that you clicked not resized, instead of pulling in the existing thumbnail again before the new one is loaded, it seems like a poor implementation to me, and if it’s "possibly the coolest Silverlight App to date", then it’s a sorry state of affairs.

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