Windows Live PhotoZoom

Via the LiveSide guys, I came across this neat video of software that allows users to zoom smoothly around photos and get more detail in a really rich way.  This technology is based upon Silverlight and uses a technology called Seadragon which we first saw in Photosynth.  This is going to provide a completely new way to interact and view images and it rocks!

Video: Windows Live PhotoZoom Alpha video demo -

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  1. james says:

    Hi Michael

    This isn’t old this is very new and in fact not available yet.

    This is completely different from the dynamic zoom on Live or Google maps.  As you soom in on Live Maps the map tiles will be refreshed using AJAX as and when they are needed.  You will notice that some tiles sometimes take a second to load.

    PhotoZoom uses Seadragon technology which intelligently brings back the appropriate level of detail of the photo as bandwidth allows so that viewing rich content in a smooth and seamless manor.

    In fact Seadragon is really good at letting you view HD content over the internet in a rich way.

    You can get more info here:  


  2. ML49448 says:

    Um, this is kind of old. But it’s nice to see it reintroduced.

    Isn’t this technology already available?

    Like isn’t that the same way you dynamically zoom onto Live or Google Maps, for more details? Seems kind of like the same thing, except for photos.

    And based on the video, it doesn’t seem to show the photo any better when you zoom in, esp. when there’s still pixels. Unless is HD or something, that would be neat.

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