Configuring Firewalls for Windows Meeting Space


Windows Meeting Space is an application that comes with Windows Vista that allows you to facilitate ad-hoc meetings over Peer-to-Peer wireless networks.  This makes sharing slides, notes and handouts much easier as it's just a case of dropping a document into the shared area and everyone connected to your meeting receives the file.

Check out my screencast on Windows Meeting Space to see what it can do.

When you run Windows Meeting Space for the first time it configures the firewall to allow specific ports to be opened for the application to run.  If you are an IT Admin and want to open these up ready for your users to start using Windows Meeting Space then you configure their firewalls by group policy.  This means they won't be prompted by UAC to open up the ports on the firewall manually.  Here are the ports that are required for Windows Meeting Space:

Ports to open

Details Port
TCP (Device) 801
P2P (Grouping) 3587
TCP P2P (Grouping) 3587
UDP P2P (PNRP) 3540
TCP P2P (PNRP) 3540
TCP (WS-Discovery) 3702
UDP (WS-Discovery) 3702
TCP (DFSR) 5722


Applications to allow

Application Path Details
Netproj.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\netproj.exe Network Projector.
P2phost.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\p2phost.exe P2p host application.
Wincollab.exe %ProgramFiles%\Windows Meeting space\WinCollab.exe Meeting spaces Application.
dfsr.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\dfsr.exe Distributed file system replication service for handout sharing.
svchost.exe %SystemRoot%\system32\svchost.exe Windows Peer to Peer Collaboration Foundation to allow Peer Name Resolution & SSDP (port 3540 & 1900 respectively).


More Information on setting up Windows Meeting Space

There is a great guide available on TechNet which takes you through how to configure and use Windows Meeting Space:

Windows Vista Windows Meeting Space Step by Step Guide

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting point at

  2. joseph says:

    Hi this is a 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium user and I can’t find Windows Meeting Space on my laptop. Could you please help me?

  3. Rudolph Zelenka says:

    Yes I also have the same problem.   I can not find Windows Meeting Space for my 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premuim

    At the Microsoft web site it says it comes with it.   I also there are three files associtated with this software but one is gone and it is "WinCollab.exe"  So therefore it is not a listeing with start programs.

    Please e-mail me


    Rudolph Zelenka

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