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Thanks to Scott who pointed out a rather tasty plugin for Live Writer that adds Social Bookmarking tags to your blog post automatically - nice.  This chap is responsible for it and the first thing I did was modify the text files that come with it to include Facebook 🙂  Here's the text you need to put in BookmarkerList.txt

NAME=Facebook it!

and here's the text you need to put in Bookmarkerlistlast.txt:

Name=Facebook it!

Both these files are in the plugins directory of Windows Live Writer which you should find in program files\Windows Live Writer or program files\Windows Live\Writer depending on the version you are using.

Scott also gave me some handy hints on how to get it working, because there is a chicken and egg scenario where you need to have the URL for the blog post before you've posted it 🙂  You can get around this by posting a draft which is a bit manual but does the job.

1. write blog entry
2. post draft
3. get url of blog post (which you can get even as a draft)
4. fire up plugin, put that url in
5. Insert
6. Publish

Hope you like it 🙂

Note: to make the javascript work and allow the images to fade/in fade out you need to add this javascript code to your blog somewhere:

function mOvr(src){
function mOut(src)


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