Building the business case for Windows Vista

Create Personalized ROI and TCO Assessments for Your Customers & Stakeholders

I frequently have conversations with customers and partners on the business value and return on investment of Windows Vista. Being able to have a meaningful discussion on these topics is sometimes difficult to do because each customer or partner has very different requirements and there are many unknowns in their IT estates. I also get asked some frank questions which businesses want answers to when considering a desktop upgrade:

  • How does this investment maximize my assets?
  • How does this investment increase profitability?
  • How does this investment help me grow my business?

These are fantastic questions but sometimes tough to answer without some prep and numbers behind what you are saying to prove the value and ROI.

Working with IDC and Alinean we’ve come up with an easy way to answer these questions and build a rock solid Vista business case for your customers. All you need to do is ask them some questions about their current IT estate. If they don’t know the answer you can use the industry average figures that IDC and Alinean have compiled based on the customer’s specific vertical.

After you’ve filled in as much info as possible the tool will produce a customised report for your customer based on their individual requirements which walks them through real business value benefits and most importantly of all; tangible! The three main areas the report focuses on is

  • IT Infrastructure Practice Insights
  • Windows Vista Deployment Benefits
  • ROI

One of the most interesting diagrams is how the customer compares to others in their industry – basically what their competitors are doing where they have an IT advantage over them and visa versa.

More Information

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