Windows Home Server add-ins: come get some

We showed off Windows Home Server at the Vista After hours sessions last month and there was much interest.  What you get out of the box is very exciting, but with any Microsoft platform you come to expect cool things to build on top of it too.  This is where Add-ins come in.  These are small apps that extend the core functionality and there is a list of the current ones available here.

"We got served" is a community based website for Windows Home Server which is worth reading and finding out more about the server.  Make sure you get on the beta by signing up over here.

Code2Fame Challenge Prizes

There's also a competition running at the moment for the best Add-ins built on Windows Home Server RC1 and with a prize fund of over $50,000 it's got to get your interest.

Get more details here!

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Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, I’ve had my hands on this for a while, and it is superb. I’m not the only one who thinks that either.

  2. james says:

    Hey Phil, make sure you give your feedback to the product team – you can make a difference!


  3. james says:

    Hi Phil

    It would be the Home server team as Remote Desktop is something built into the base Server product (small business server) that can just be turned on.


  4. Phil D says:


    If this continues this is going to be one of the best home products out there !

    ONLY niggle is lack of a remote desktop connection to Vista Home ( basic & Pro ) !! once this is addressed

    Bring it on !

  5. Phil D says:

    Reading posts in the MS forums this seems to be what most people are asking for.

    But where is Line drawn ?

    Would it be the Vista team ( be it SP1 or later )or would it be an add-on to the home server team ?

    Seems strange that HS is aimed at home users and a big part of the functionalty is missed out.

    I will make my feelings known to the production team.

    But on the whole it is 90% there !


  6. paul says:

    i have been running home server for a few months now and hte only problem is so far i have forgot the password to access the box 🙁

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