Microsoft Surface powered by WPF

From the initial interviews I knew that Microsoft Surface was a Vista PC under the hood and I had my suspicions that the graphics were powered by WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation - the graphics subsystem that is present in .NET 3.0 and Vista). 

Reading Scott's blog I found these suspicions to be true as he announces that Surface is indeed powered by WPF.

As Ashish rightly points out, it is a great time to pick up and hone those WPF, Silverlight and Expression tools skills.

This kind of user interface interaction - with multiple inputs going on simultaneously - demands multi-threaded programming and Dwayne who works for the WPF team talks about how to develop threaded modeling in WPF - some pretty interesting stuff and the basis for how Surface works.

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Comments (2)

  1. james says:

    Hi Myles, There’s a session on threaded apps at the developer day I posted about recently, maybe you can pickup some tips there?



  2. Myles says:

    Looks like i’ve got something do to for the next few months then, not sure i’ll be able to get my head around multi-threading though 🙂

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