Windows Server 2008 London Clinics

Windows Server 2008

QA-IQ, one of our training partners is running a Windows Server 2008 week of events starting in July.  So, what's on the menu?

Clinic 1: Windows Server 2008 Branch Office Management
Clinic 2: Windows Server 2008 Server Management
Clinic 3: Windows Server 2008 Security Control
Clinic 4: Windows Server 2008 Centralized Application Access
Clinic 5: Windows Server 2008 Web & Application Platform Technologies

So why should you attend? Dave Britt has got the answer:

"With any new technology come significant changes. To assess the steps of implementation, businesses will need their technology specialists to understand the solution so they can make an informed decision on what it can bring to the business. With the recent announcement that Windows Server 2008 is on track for delivery towards the end of this year, it's important that businesses begin this process.

"These clinics are a great opportunity for technology specialists to get a first look at Windows Server 2008. We've combined the available sessions so that the clinics are repeated during the launch week and technical professionals can choose the clinic most relevant to their interests and combine it with a second clinic for a full day of hands-on labs and instruction. This will give businesses a flying start on understanding the new technology and the skills they will need to develop."

To find out more info and how you can sign up for these events visit the QA-IQ website.  If you can't hold on until then, make sure you check out these resources

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