Speeding up the Start Menu

If you've not quite caught the wave on the whole "searching for applications" from the start menu and you still prefer to go through via "All Programs", you might have noticed some performance problems when you open a folder and it sometimes takes a second to open.

To stop this happening, in Control Panel, search for "Start Menu".  Choose "Customise Start Menu".  Click the customise button adjacent to the Start Menu radio button. Scroll down until you find Highlight newly installed programs and uncheck the box.  You should be now good to go.

image image

Comments (3)

  1. james says:

    Hey Stuart,

    This is true, i was just showing off about the search in control panel 😉  What do you think about search in Control panel, do you use it much?

  2. In order to prevent confusion, it should be pointed out that the item in question is really called "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" in the Control Panel.

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