HD Panoramic Photo Viewer from MS Research

Wow the innovation keeps on happening (back story to lack of MS Innovation)... today via the Virtual Earth blog I found a rather cool video which shows off the work of the MS Research team that are doing stuff with HD Photos that size up to 4 Gigapixels and more!  Looks like there are some cool partners who are already using it out there in the wild! Their research which is hardware and software based includes:

  • Methods to capture panoramic HD photos
  • Stitch images together using clever object matching technology
  • Optimise the patchwork of images for best resolution and quality
  • Provide a viewer that pulls the images over the network
  • The viewer can dynamically combine different viewing perspectives to make the image experience the best possible

One of the researchers blogs over here so if you want to ask any questions or find out more info I think this is the best place to go.  Anyway enough jawing here's the Soapbox vid:

Brain wave: I wonder how this app would work with Silverlight or WPF, in fact, I wonder if the the Photosynth team have got any plans.... hmm 🙂

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  1. Peter Watts says:

    That really is very impressive. I wonder if they will release a version for people to play with.

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