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WinHec - the event where hardware meets software - has recently been live and there have been some interesting announcements come out of the conference, in particular about Windows Vista SideShow.  If you're not familiar with SideShow then take a look here.  I mentioned recently about the SideShow Fridge Magnet from Ricavision but the SideShow Devices website has some great coverage of what's been going on.

Now, to be honest, I wasn't surprised to see a touchscreen SideShow announcement (from Nvidia) and last year I was talking to a couple of touchscreen manufacturers about the potential for the platform. 

Anyway I digress, here's what's been announced:

.NET Micro Framework updates: Landscape and Portrait display orientation firmware support.
- Bluetooth (RFCOMM) driver implemented for SideShow applications (available soon)
- NVIDIA released a new SideShow development hardware platform with touch-screen support. This is indeed an amazing piece of hardware, especially from a form-factor and features POV.
- Sideshow client software for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 and Windows CE platforms.
- Input methods: keyboard, touch-screen and stylus support in he works or planned for Microsoft’s SideShow platform.

 Here are some of the devices featured (more information coming soon!) at WINHEC 2007:

-Chatter (concept)
-Intel Mobile Metro Concept (concept)
-Scribbler (concept, low cost)
-Imate View 2010-Reader (concept)
-AUS W5FE (available)
-LGZ1 (Available)-Toshiba R400 (now available)
-Windows Mobile Sideshow support (2nd half of 2007)
-Logitech G15, Z-10 (2nd half of 2007)
-Interlink Sidelink (available in Q2)-MSI companion device (prototype)


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