New York Times Reader in Silverlight on a Mac

Shock horror, but here's some innovation from Microsoft (back story from comments in this post).  The New York Times Reader which was originally a Vista launch app based on WPF has been ported to Silverlight on the Mac. 

Now because WPF and Silverlight share the same presentation markup language the porting would have taken a minimal amount of work and since Silverlight runs parts of the .NET framework then the code that grabs the content and organises it, wouldn't be too difficult to move either.

Good to see the content from Mix is still being posted - they guys really were busy with the cameras - nice work! 🙂  In fact for our very own Partner TV interviews from Mix, check out my latest post on the Partner TV blog.

Joshua has the full demo of the NYT Reader in Silverlight on the mac over on his mix blog.

Comments (1)

  1. Chris says:

    Innovation? Maybe if this was 2002. How about an Adobe "me too" flash copy. Yet another lame attempt to hold web content hostage to proprietary Microsoft software. It reminds me of the ActiveX days where one NEEDED Internet Explorer and ActiveX to view sites. Thankfully those days are over.  The planet smartened up and realized it doesn’t need Microsoft or its software to use the Internet, and certainly not on a Mac or Linux. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you surf on over and read some of the reactions on the NY Times site.

    P.S. And to answer your next question. It’s different, because Adobe is not a convicted monopolist with a history of trying to extinguish everything else.

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