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To all those who asked and provided feedback, thank you.  Your voice has swayed the vote and Expression Web is now available on MSDN Premium subscription.  It's a start - Expression Design and Media aren't on there because they aren't related to developer tools.  But what about developers who do their own graphics I here you ask?  What about the small software houses that could do with Design to knock up some quick branding or UX??

Unfortunately, they jury's still out on this one and guess what?  We're listening to feedback on this decision too.  If you want to rock the vote then leave me a comment!


What is Expression?
Where can I read more?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that Virtual Labs are a fantastic way to "try before you buy" and also a wonderful way

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m a retired programmer, so I’d love to subscribe to MSDN to stay abreast of all the new things that are happening.  Unfortunately, I live on a fixed income and can’t possibly afford an MSDN subscription.  However, last year I was able to save enough to purchase a TechNet subscription.  Now my question is: When will Expression be available on TechNet?  I’m sure it will be, as FrontPage has been there for a long time.

    Do you have any idea when it will be available on TechNet?

    Thanks, Tom

  3. james says:

    Hi Chris et al

    Thanks for all your feedback, I’ll pass it on to the right people.  I know exactly where you are coming from regarding Expression Design – I myself was a developer dabbling a little bit in graphic design.  Nothing fancy but just enough to appease clients and add some nice user experience to the code I put together.  Don’t get me wrong, nobody bought my products or services for my design skills!  They bought them for my coding.  I like the "Devigner" tag!



  4. thomas says:

    I’m glad Microsoft corrected their mistake (pity they had to annoy their developers first). I don’t think Design & Media will convince many designers to switch from Adobe, so sooner or later they’ll realize that the best way to get companies using these products is via their MSDN subscriptions.

  5. Nate says:

    Glad these are making it to MSDN. As a developer who is forced to do design as well, I’d like to see design. Can’t say that I’d use Media, though I haven’t used the trial so I’m not really sure.

    When I first hear about Expression (well, Dazzle and Sparkle and all that) I just assumed they would be on MSDN since, as a developer, they solved solutions for me. So I guess that should give you an idea that developers do need these tools.

  6. Christopher Morgan says:

    My experiences with using Blend so far strongly suggest that these mysterious people called designers need a strong understanding of XAML and the development process.  These sentiments were common across the community of developers that I met over at DevWeek 2007 in London.

    And, of course, designers are a luxury that many companies can’t officially afford, which leads to them hiring aesthetically-minded developers like myself.

    So, please push hard for getting this software onto MSDN: I’d love to convince my company to make more use of WPF but I can’t put together a compelling demo without the tools to do it.

    PS. Check out Adam Kinney’s blog (  He describes himself as a ‘devigner’ working at Microsoft.  A lot of developers would like to see themselves in the same position: we’d like to rapidly develop a simple UI, get the logic right and then instead of passing the XAML-polishing stage to a developer we might just have to do it ourselves!

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