Did you buy the wrong version of Vista?

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Have you bought the wrong version of Windows Vista?  Did you want Home Premium instead of Home Basic?  Did you get Business but still want to use your laptop at home as a Media Center?  Let's face it - it's something that can happen, you get the wrong version by mistake and if you find yourself in this situation there's no reason to return the software to the shop or send it back to Amazon etc.

That's because you can upgrade at anytime to a new version thanks to Vista Anytime Upgrade.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Run the Vista Upgrade Advisor to check your hardware is compatible with the version you want
  2. If you didn't get one with your box of Vista, order the Windows Vista Upgrade Disk (you only have to pay for postage)
  3. Run the Anytime Upgrade application in Control Panel
  4. Have a credit card handy to pay for the upgrade
  5. Insert the disk if prompted
  6. Follow the wizard and that's it!

Vista Ultimate or Enterprise users won't be able to find the Anytime Upgrade feature in Control Panel...

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For more information check out these great resources:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Matt and I have just finished the event in Newcastle we had a great time doing the event and there was

  2. Steve Hiner says:

    I don’t think the right version of Vista exists for me.  I was happy thinking that I’d upgrade to home premium but I’m a developer so I’d like to have IIS available.  To get IIS I’d have to get one of the business editions but they don’t have Media Center functionality to use with my Xbox 360.  The only way to get what I want is Ultimate which is just crazy expensive.

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