Partner Opportunity: Vista and Office 2007 Deployment

Desktop Deployment Planning Services

If they haven't deployed already, businesses are starting to think about deploying Windows Vista and Office 2007.  Microsoft Partners have a great opportunity to provide deployment services for these new technologies and do so in a repeatable, process-driven manner.  The Business Desktop Deployment Accelerator (BDD) provides tools, resources, guidance with which any business can plan and execute a successful deployment but that doesn't mean every business will want to do it themselves.

The DDPS Portal

Partners can provide deployment services for businesses who don't want to do it themselves.  These businesses however want assurances that deployment will be successful and of high quality.  Partners can enhance their credibility by undertaking training and certification on deployment of Vista and Office 2007 and we've just launched the Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS) Partner Portal which is FREE to partners so they can download deployment engagement materials featuring Deployment training, Deployment Session Presentations, Document Deliverables etc.


In a couple of weeks there'll be a Virtual PC demo environment available that partners will be able to order.  This will feature:

  • Up-to-date patches (as of production)
  • 2007 Office and Vista
  • BDD 2007 (RTM) and WAIK tools
  • Lite-Touch, Zero-Touch, and Baremetal scenarios
  • SoftGrid

Next, there will be a DVD available in the Technical Demo Toolkit (TDT) which will cover all of the above.  Here are the timelines for all the releases including links to the difference resources:




Cost to Partner



DDPS Partner Portal


DDPS Engagement Materials Only (NO VPCS)




Release to Web (RTW)~Feb 26th


DDPS Engagement Materials + Demo Environment

On Demand DVD production

Partner pays cost of production + shipping


RTW + 14 Days

Technical Demonstration Toolkit

DDPS Engagement Materials + Demo Environment

DVDs as Broad reach to 40K Partners


All partners registered for TDT ~40K

RTW + ~60 Days


70-624, launched on 14th Feb, is the TS exam testing based on the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Solution Accelerator (BDD 2007).  The materials covered in the exam include knowledge of successful Windows Vista and 2007 Office desktop deployment project management, and technologies and tools included within the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Solution Accelerator.  Get along to your testing center to get certified!

Free Exam Vouchers!

To get hold of your free deployment vouchers (5 per Partner) copy and paste the form below into an email, fill it out and send it to  The first 200 partners will receive 70-624 exam vouchers!

Company Name:




Consultant taking Exam:


Email Address:


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Mailing Address:

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