Google Branding

Mis-spelling your company name is now cool.  Expect the following changes as competitors and other websites try and keep up with Googe and it's new Web 3.0 image:

  • Microoft
  • Yaoo
  • 3Signals
  • igg
  • YoTube
  • IkiPedia
  • YSpace
  • IBM


Image: Spot the mistake:



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Comments (7)

  1. james says:

    Irony, Jon 🙂

  2. james says:

    I noticed he died in February – doesn’t say it was the 14th though…  The link between Barnabe Googe, Strawberries dipped in chocolate and Valentines Day is….?

  3. Jon Hicks says:

    That last one should be BM, surely…

  4. danny says:

    I read somewhere it’s a reference to Barnabe Googe…

  5. danny says:

    The romantic one-line poem he wrote I guess. The Wikipedia article has been updated with the Google reference…

  6. Ray Linder says:

    They forgot the "L" in Google in the "Googe" image…

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