Dreamscene Sneak Preview

Got Vista Ultimate?  Want movies on your desktop?

You can now download the DreamScene Preview from Ultimate extras (search ultimate from the start menu) and download the preview.  Enjoy all the video goodness!  This is not the final version, but a mere preview of a technology that has more potential than first meets the eye.

For those of you without Windows Vista Ultimate, please adjust your desktop wallpaper, if you do it quick enough you will have the effect of a crude - albeit slow - animation.


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Comments (18)

  1. james says:


    Have you selected a video to play?  The Play/Pause Dreamscene will be greyed out when your desktop background is a static image.  Right click on your desktop, click personalize, desktop background, choose Dreamscene content from the drop down list or choose browse to view ANY video from your machine….

    Now the Play Dreamscene context menu item will be active….

  2. james says:


    This is only the Preview version (think beta) we’re working on optimising the performance/playback tradeoff at the moment.

  3. james says:

    Hey Fred

    Glad you got a fix to the problem – Enjoy!


  4. james says:


    I’m suprised you can’t get it working on your French version… I’ll ask around for you and let you know.

  5. james says:

    Hi Morgan

    Just to check, after selecting a video is the video set to play (right click on desktop and click Dreamscene play)


  6. Frederic MENI says:

    Too bad I have a French version of Windows Vista Ultimate :'( I hope they won’t forget my little country. I also hope they will release a 64-bit DreamScene Preview.


  7. Matt Sharpe says:

    I like the idea of Dreamscene, and I love the animated aurora, but I don’t like the way it uses 100% of my CPU ๐Ÿ™

  8. Blake Handler says:

    FYI: The DreamScene upgrade worked fine on my Vista 64 version — of course their first (only) example is a yawner. I want the waterfall! ha ha

  9. Dave says:

    I grabbed it today, but when I right click on the desktop it is greyed out.  I made sure the Aero was set but still no love.  Any ideas?

  10. Benjamin Gauthey says:

    Dreamscene works on the english Vista version for this moment. On my laptop, i’ve got Vista Ultimate English and I just had the french language pack and it works well.

  11. Frederic MENI says:


    As you can see on the screenshot, the preview doesn’t appear in the Available Extras (http://menifred.chez-alice.fr/Images/UltimateExtras.jpg). I can’t get it working because I can’t get it at all :(. I really hope they’ll release a localized version soon, and x64 compatible if possible.

    @Blake Handler

    No kidding? It worked on an x64 version? Lucky you.


  12. eralper says:


    I have dowloaded and installed DreamScene Preview from Ultimate Extras for my 64-bit installation.

    I had no problem. And for 1GB RAM it was working without a problem.

    Setting any video (.wmv and .mpeg) is so lovely. You do not need to search for background videos around.

    I also liked the video that is available with Preview, but at first look I thought that is static, an image ๐Ÿ™‚ Later I realized that the scene is moving slowly ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for Vista lovers ๐Ÿ™‚



  13. Frederic MENI says:


    To try to solve my problem I contacted the Windows Vista Ultimate Extra team and here is what I received:

    "We have published a 64 bit version of the DreamScene Preview.  The Preview is not localized though, so if you are not running the English OS, you will not see it.

    You can work around this by installing the English Language Pack from Windows Update, and then checking for updates again.  It should then appear, though the text will all be in English."

    Special thank you to Paul.



    It’s true that it’s really exciting to set a video as wallpaper.

  14. Morgan Tiley says:

    I can’t get the dreamscene to work. I can select videos and they work, but when I select a dreamscene "movie" the desktop is black. Yet I can run it in MediaPlayer fine. I have an ATI X800 and 1GB RAM. Do I need to update drivers?

  15. PatRick says:

    I am having the same issue as Morgan.  I have 3gb of memory and a graphics wise I am running Aero without a problem on Vista Ultimate.  However when I select a dreamscene it will not play on my desktop.  I am able to watch it within Wondows Media PLayer.  I have also tried to selct a video and then going back to right clicking on the desktop but the option is still grayd out.  Any thoughts?

  16. Brian says:

    I can’t get the dreamscene to work. I can select videos and they work, but when I select a dreamscene "movie" the desktop is black. Yet I can run it in MediaPlayer fine and YES this is the same issue Morgan has. I have everything updated. I have an ATI Radeon 9550 256MB DDR 8X AGP and 1GB RAM.

  17. Brian says:

    I have my problem solved. The ATI drivers or CCC was the problem. I reinstalled the ATI driver, and removed the CCC.

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