Partner access to Vista and Office

It has been over four years since the last major release of Office or Windows and twelve years since we launched both products simultaneously.  A lot has changed in that time with regard to how we license these products and the different number and type of SKUs available in the marketplace.  The recent licensing changes and proliferation of SKUs for these products, combined with changes in the processes for provisioning keys for partners has led to the following issues:

1. Office 2007 and Vista License Keys not in the Partner Member Center (PMC) – Resolved & in PMC as of 12/8/06

2. No partner access to Office Server Product License Keys – Resolved & in MSDN as of 2/2/07

3. Partner Sent Wrong version of Vista Business Edition – In Process with target resolution week of Feb 19

4. Project 2007, SharePoint 2007, & Visio 2007 License Keys not in the Partner Member Center (PMC) – In Process with target resolution on Feb 20

My colleague Dave Overton is doing a great job on his blog helping to clear up some of the issues with the Partner action pack too - check out his post and the comments here.

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