NextGenUG interview Scott Guthrie

Dave and Rich over at the NextGenUG got to interview Scott Guthrie (Mr .NET) on Saturday after the Web Developers conference held at MS UK.  Scott had by far the most busy session and the normally nice ladies at reception were turning people away at the door and being quite forceful!

I managed to sneak in (waving my Microsoft badge) to catch the first few minutes of his talk.  He talked about Orcas (the next version of Visual Studio) and also showed how to create an application end to end during the session which was kind of nice because it's comforting that the guy at the top still uses the tools, and uses them well.

It's worth checking out the transcript of the interview here: and also Eric Nelson's comments about the plan in Orcas to separate the tools from the framework so that you can use the new cool Dev Environment (with javascript intellisense for example - woooohoo) and still be using .NET Framework 2.0.  It's a nice touch.


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