WPF/E CTP (Feb 2007)

This little blighter slipped out the door on the 2nd and I didn't even realise!  Lucky Mike Taulty has got his ear to the ground and spotted the release and also a rather nice Vista environment built with WPF/E.

Kind of makes the www.seewindowsvista.com site (which was done in Flash) seem a bit average....


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Catching up on an item from last week – Expression Design Beta 1 and Blend Beta 2 Available: Yey – I know several of our ISVs have been waiting patiently for these downloads. I just need to find a day to try them both out! You can beat me to it by do..

  2. RobA says:


    Good post. Looks like an interesting use of WPF/E. I take it that’s a limited TServer session running, or is that all in WPF/E..?

  3. stresslessness says:

    This site is made completely using WPF/E + AJAX + javascript.

    There is no Terminal server or Remote Desktop, only about 700kb of javascript code.

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