NxgGen UG WPF/E Style

Matt and I travelled up to Birmingham on Monday night to talk Vista, Office and .NET 3.0 to the Next Generation User Group.  One of the things I covered was WPF/E and it got attracted alot of interest from the guys. 

WPF/E is the little brother of WPF and allows the rendering of XAML directly in the web browser.  We're touting WPF/E as cross-browser and cross-platform so to run WPF/E all you need is a browser plugin which at the moment will run on Windows and Mac OS IE, Firefox and Safari.

To get started with WPF/E check out the following links:


Channel 9 Getting Started Video
Getting Started Whitepaper
WPF/E Samples
December WPF/E CTP for Windows
December WPF/E CTP for Mac OS X
Scot Guthrie talks about WPF/E and Other 2007 Releases

Comments (2)

  1. ML49448 says:

    I love WPF/E, you have to do a lot of JavaScript right now, but it is really powerful already. See my posts here: http://weblogs.asp.net/mschwarz/archive/tags/WPFE/default.aspx.

  2. Vijay Singh Riyait says:

    Thanks for coming up to Birmingham. The applications looks really cool and it was stuff a lot of people hadn’t seen before.

    I’d be interested to know about some of the new applications available, once Vista is officially launched to consumers. Would it be possible to highlight some of these on your blog?


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