DST Support Update

To help customers through this change and in response to their feedback, Microsoft has decided to amend the regular Extended Hotfix Support program to add a new pricing category for extended non-security hotfixes with a wide customer demand. The new pricing category will be applied to the daylight saving time hotfixes (DST 2007).

· DST 2007 hotfixes for products in Mainstream Support remain available at no charge. Customers should continue to visit the web site where all public information is posted as available: www.microsoft.com/dst2007.

· Customers can purchase the DST 2007 set of hotfixes for a single fee of $4,000 for products in Extended Support. This change applies to products like Windows 2000 that have been in Extended Support since June of 2005. This change is made under a new pricing category of extended non-security hotfixes that have a wider customer demand.

· Customers who require technical assistance on DST 2007 can contact their Technical Account Manager or they may contact Customer Service and Support (CSS) directly and receive a technical support incident at no charge.

· CSS is handling DST calls today. Customers who wish to purchase hotfixes for products in Extended Support will be asked to call back on Monday, January 29 when CSS is operationally ready to begin processing those transactions.

· For customers who have previously purchased DST 2007 hotfixes, Microsoft will reimburse the difference to them under the new pricing category.

There may be situations in which even the payment of $4,000 constitutes a hardship to the customer and where there is a negative CPE impact to a customer. For those situations a centralized BIF account has been set up. The process to submit a DST BIF request will be provided to all ASMs and SEMs.  For PAMs, PCMs and PTSs, if the ASM is not available please speak with your AGM.
Customers should be educated on the benefits of upgrading to current products as part of their decision making and consideration of deployment of Extended Support hotfixes.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a lot of acronyms: There may be situations in which even the payment of $4,000 constitutes

  2. T Man says:

    $4,000?  You kidding me?  For a time change hotfix?  What will you charge if they decide to change DST back, or to some other set of dates?  Another $4,000?

    I might as well buy Windows 2003 R2, since it will be cheaper.  Maybe that’s the idea…

    C’mon MS.  Just give us the fix.

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