i-Mate Momento SideShow Interview

Before Christmas I travelled down to the south coast and interviewed one of the guys from i-Mate about their Momento Sideshow device.  They've got a unique selling point when it comes to digital photo frames because they can pull information from Windows Vista using the SideShow platform.

They've built a device which runs on Windows CE and produced the app to show photos etc.  They've also created a SideShow driver which can then communicate with Windows Vista.  This is just one piece of the SideShow jigsaw - the other is the gadget which application developers can create to push information to any device regardless of form factor or plaftorm.  The device itself will decide how to handle the gadget and how to display the information appropriately.

Check out the interview here on Partner-TV: http://blogs.msdn.com/ptstv/archive/2007/01/18/partner-spotlight-i-mate-sideshow.aspx

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