Longhorn Group Policy Enhancements

With Longhorn slated for release later this year, administrators will be keen to read about what enhancements it brings to the table - particularly when working with Windows Vista on the client end.  Some of the different things you are going to see with regards to Group Policy include:

  • Network location awareness

Smarter policies that change depending on the network situation of the client

  • New format for administrative templates

ADMX is the way forward.  SYS FOL Bloat is one of the things this helps to avoid by storing the files in a central share.

  • Device blocking

Will help companies comply with internal and external security policies and prevent IP walking out the office.

Other enhancements to note:

  • Location-based printer assignments
  • Printer driver installations by users
  • Better security setting configuration


To find out more check out this article from Jonathan Hassell.

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