CES Sideshow Devices

If you were (like me) not fortunate enough to visit CES this year, you can check out all the Vista Sideshow devices here:

Some people are sceptical about how soon the digital connected home will be upon us, but the SideShow platform really shows it's available from 30th January. 🙂

New stuff I found out about the ASUS Sideshow laptop:

  • Bigger 2.5" screen
  • More Buttons
  • 1GB flash memory (more space for music)

New LG Z1-P Laptop

  • Looks reeeeeeally nice 🙂
  • 2.5" screen
  • PortalPlayer Hardware
  • Capacitive buttons

MSI Portable SideShow Device

  • Credit card size
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Capacitive buttons


Remote Control

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