Win Zunes and Digital Photo Frames with the DRT Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes to give the best Windows Vista demoes when placed up against other Partners across the globe?

Well let me introduce to you the Demo Readiness Toolkit (DRT) Challenge!

We're looking for the most compelling, original and sexy demos out there and you've got a chance to win some fantastic prizes including Zunes, Digital Picture Frames and tickets to the 2007 Partner Conference in Denver.


So how do you get involved?  Well, there are some easy steps to follow:

Step 1

Take Windows Vista 101 the basic guide to Windows Vista.

Step 2

Put on your game face.

Request the DRT.

If you haven't already received the DRT by mail, you can request it here. Once you have it loaded and activated, follow the tutorial scripts or just explore all the new features of Windows Vista and learn how it can help your customers' businesses.

Step 3

Step into the arena.

Complete the Windows Vista Sneak Peek Quiz.

This short multiple-choice quiz takes you through a few of the new features of Windows Vista. It's a fun way to test your knowledge of the Windows Vista Partner DRT. Pass the quiz, and you'll receive* one of the available gifts.

Smile for the cameras.

Create your own Windows Vista demo video.

Finally, you're ready for the last part of the challenge. Now that you're an expert on Windows Vista, you can demonstrate its features to your customers. Just make a video of your best presentation and prepare yourself for fame, glory, and prizesz

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