Building an app that uses Office documents? Win an Xbox!

If you’re a partner or company developing an application that does stuff with Office documents – saving, loading, storing – whatever, then you might want to consider building it with OpenXML built in.  Why would you do this?  Two reasons really.  We’re running a competition to find the best apps that utilise Open XML.  If…


T5M – possibly the coolest Silverlight app to date

T5M (The 5th Medium) is an online magazine that merges the worlds of print and video in a very rich way.  It’s a good example of how we see Silverlight being used in the future too with a combination of Ajax being used for some parts of the UI and Silverlight for others.  It’s the…


Geek Dinner with Scoble and Dave Winer

Tonight I’ll be at the Coach and Horses in Soho knocking back a few glasses of Blue Monster wine with some fellow geeks.  There’s some photo walking going on at 9.30pm if you want to join.  Check out the location here:


Windows Live PhotoZoom

Via the LiveSide guys, I came across this neat video of software that allows users to zoom smoothly around photos and get more detail in a really rich way.  This technology is based upon Silverlight and uses a technology called Seadragon which we first saw in Photosynth.  This is going to provide a completely new…


Softgrid Licensing Implications

Another one of the questions I was probed with at a Windows Server 2008 event the other was about licensing implications of using Softgrid Application Virtualisation do stream software to the user’s PC.  There were some concerns that you would need multiple licenses because of the fact that software is on the server and desktop…


Windows Server 2008 Presentation Slides

Off the back of the Bytes Windows Server 2008 tour I’ve been doing in November and December up and down the country the biggest single request has been for the slides from the presentation.  Well here they are! Enjoy!


Hyper-V feature comparison with other Virtualisation offerings

I had a question today at a Virtualisation event about a feature by feature comparison of Hyper-V and other virtualisation offerings.  I had a quick search around and came across this 3rd party appraisal of all the different products out there on the market.  Now although this may or may not be completely accurate it…

0 gets the Silverlight treatment

Now those who know me well will be familiar with my love for three sports; Golf, Basketball and Football (the beautiful game that is, not American Football).  My days of jumpers for goal posts and kicking a ball round a park are long since gone, but I do play basketball and golf very regularly. I…


Software + Services: edging toward reality

I was speaking at the 2007 West Midlands ICT Conference a couple of weeks back about Microsoft’s Software + Services Strategy.  The talk focused mainly on what S+S is, where Microsoft is going with it and provided some reality with a few demos.  Microsoft believes in a combination of both offline and online software -…


Mix UK Videos Up

Woah been a busy past couple of weeks.  Been doing Windows Server 2008 events up and down the country and moved apartment so been up to my eyeballs!  Although I didn’t move far it was fairly stressful and I’m now left with a weekend of unpacking.  Oh and joy, there was no BT phone line…