Windows Live Search – new kid on the 3D block

Video: Virtual Earth 3D Trailer

Live Search is sneaking up behind Google in terms of relevance all the time and also the Live platform is constantly releasing new and cool stuff.  Recently, I posted about Virtual Earth 3D which was introduced to complement our mapping technology but I just realised I've not even mentioned the Image, News, Feeds or academic verticals in Live Search. 

Today we had a lunch and demo with David Graham, the UK Product Manager for Microsoft's Search which was very interesting indeed.  He highlighted the following things in his talk and I wanted to share them with you:

Getting serious about getting search market share:

A Search driven, personisable experience.  Personalised includes

  • Feeds, Live Gadgets, Mail etc
  • Personal Dashboard

Live Search Verticals

  • Web
  • IMages
  • News
  • Maps
  • Academic (Beta)
  • Feeds (Beta)

Images Search

  • Innovative UI experience - good feedback from Blogosphere and press
  • Live preview and resizing
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Work with image easily - scratch pad, email it etc.
  • Results from orginal query after clicking an image

News Search

  • Localised
  • No ads

Web Search

Local Search (Maps)

  • Rebranded to "Maps"
  • Microsoft UK link to local live map
    • Campus information and picture highlighted
    • Search collection includes
      • Shuttle bus info
      • Train station
      • Taxi rank etc
      • Zoom to street level
  • Build Collections using the scratch pad
    • Good for plannig trips
    • Useful for sharing your location so friends/family/customers can find you easily
  • Traffic Warnings
    • Hotspots painted on the map
  • Bird's eye view of map
    • Geometric UK cities added in the last few months - so very recent images
  • Virtual Earth 3D
  • Love Lewisham Project
    • A Local London Borough's initative to combat anti-social activities like grafitti and rubbish dumping.  Residents are encourage to upload their photos to the Love Lewisham website and the locate their photo using Live Maps - the council then sort out the problem much more quickly.  What a great way to bring the community together!  Check out a screenshot of the website here:


Finally, a more light-hearted view of the "battle" between Live Search vs Google can be seen here:


Video: Knights of Live Search

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