iPod connectivity on planes

Genius! 😛

"On Tuesday, Apple announced a partnership with carriers Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United. Beginning in mid-2007, the six airlines will offer iPod connectivity so that travelers can charge their iPods in transit. Additionally, the planes' seat-back displays will be configured so that video content stored on the media players can be viewed on them."  (from CNET)

I'm praying that these airlines aren't just about to develop a service that will only provide power and video ouput to iPods.  Please, please, please make it work with other devices.  I'm forever wishing that the plane I'm on has a power outlet that I can plug my laptop into.  What about other video devices that would benefit from the seat-back screen? 

While I'm ranting - what about in flight wireless internet? I mean come on - Scandinavian Airlines have been doing it for at least a year now - why's no-one else doing it?  They've also got in flight power too!

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Last week I was complaining about planes not having wireless but today , on the way to our EVO event

  2. MinorRipper says:

    Also Ipodphone on the way as well…


  3. mike says:

    Now if this was Microsoft doing this, everyone would be screaming "unfair trade practices, give the users a choice." Ah, the excitement of a double standard.

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