An unparalleled Windows Vista Demo environment

If you're a Microsoft Partner then you will be very interested in what we call the Windows Vista Demo Readiness Toolkit (DRT).  It's a Windows Vista installation (imaged based - naturally) that comes ready with customer scenarios, sample applications and a feature showcase that allows you to very easily demonstrate all the key features.  There's also an easy to follow script so even the non-technical can look like demo jedis in front of their customers.

There are a handful of user accounts automatically created for you each of which represents a different type of user from generic information worker to IT Pro or system admin.  The main user even comes equipped with an array of documents, media and Outook 2007 emails ready to search, find and work with.

Some of the features you can easily show off include:

    • Search and Organise
      • Instant Search
      • Search Explorer
      • Documents Explorer
      • Search Folders
      • IE7: Search, RSS, Tabs
      • Windows Sidebar & Gadgets
    • Easy and Effective
      • Windows Aero
      • XPS Documents
      • Windows Calendar
      • Guided Help
      • IE7: Improved Printing
    • Reliability
      • Reliability Monitor
      • Windows Shadowcopy
      • Networking Self-diagnostics
      • Resource Exhaustion Self-diagnostics
      • Disk Failure Self-diagnostics
      • Startup Repair Tool
    • .NET 3.0
      • 2 Sample Applications highlighting WPF, XPS and web services
    • Digital Media and Entertainment
      • Windows Photo Gallery
      • Windows Movie Maker
      • Windows DVD Maker
      • Windows Media Player 11
      • Media Center
      • Games Explorer
    • Safety and Security
      • User Account Control
      • Parental Controls
      • Windows Defender
      • IE 7 Phishing Filter
    • Mobility
      • Mobility Center
      • Offline Files
      • Sync Center
      • Windows Meeting Space
      • Windows Tablet
      • Windows Sideshow
      • Windows Mobile Device Center
    • Setup and Compatibility
      • Application Compatibility Toolkit V5.0
      • Program Compatibility Toolkit
    • Manageability
      • Windows Event Viewer
      • Firewall Managements
      • Scriptable configuration of Wireless Network Profiles
      • Next-generation TCP/IP Stack: Quality of Service
      • Windows Imaging
      • Windows System Image Manager
      • BDD Workbench
    • Data Protection and Compliance
      • Group Policy Control over device installation
      • Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption
    • Performance
      • Performance Self-tuning
      • Windows Readyboost

And there is actually more that I haven't mentioned yet!


If you're fortunate enough to have a second laptop for demos then this will be ideal for the DRT because by default it will repartition your disk and setup 2 partitions (the second of which is required for the Bitlocker demo).  Alternatively, you can install the DRT on your main machine and still use it for your work - it'll just need a bit of tweaking - here's how:

  1. Backup all your documents and settings (try using the Transfer Files and Settings feature)
  2. Install the DRT (this wipes your machine)
  3. Resize the Windows partition to allow enough space for your next installation (your main OS)
  4. Install Vista (or XP heaven forbid) on the new partition you just created

So this will leave you with two environments; your main installation that you can use for everyday use and your new DRT environment ready for you to give killer demos with.

RC1 for now, RTM version in the pipeline

At the moment the DRT is based on the RC1 build of Vista but we're currently busy putting together the bits for the RTM one as we speak.  Stay tuned for an announcement about and RTM DRT in the next couple of weeks.

Where to get it?

If you are a partner in the UK then you can order your copy here: Order the DRT

If you're not in the UK then it's time to contact your Microsoft partner - to get in contact, start here! 

More Resources

Find out more about the DRT here

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