Microsoft TV IPTV Launched in Switzerland

As well as enjoying Cukoo clocks, Toblerone and annoymous banking the Swiss have been one of the first to get their hands on Microsoft TV IPTV which is a brand new software service providing broadcast quality tv and interactive services.

From what I've heard around the office, this is going to be a pretty cool product and something that I will certainly be taking advantage of when it hits the UK shores in the near future.

On demand movies are one of the benefits and all this kind of media can come down via broadband connections or a mix of broadband and traditional transmissions.

The technology itself is pitched at telecommunication vendors as a platform through which to deliver their own services and is extensible so it can integrate nicely with other IP-based hardware like PC's, phones and other devices.  This means the end product for people like you and me will be delivered by service providers like the BBC or Sky.

The broadcaster in Switzerland that has pioneered this is Bluewin TV - I'm looking forward to the BBC and other UK broadcasters bringing it to me soon!

Here are some screenshots that depict the user experience (top) and also programming your services remotely (bottom) both using your browser (bottom left) and your mobile device (bottom right). 



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