Competition: Win a Vista Lanyard!

Be the envy of all your colleagues when you turn up to meetings with this fantastic Windows Vista Lanyard!  It'll be the perfect way to keep your ID badge and/or ReadyBoost USB Pen handy wherever and whenever you need it!

These lanyards are seriously sought after kit, in fact if I was allowed, I'd be making a tidy sum on eBay - lucky for you I can't!  These kind of opportunities don't come around very often - in fact I'm sure that you won't have the chance to get one of these limited edition lanyards ever again!

As you can see these items are of very high quality and, like Vista, are reliable, secure and easy to use.




To get your hands on one of these beauties, simply enter the competition here - entry is painless, and winners are picked randomly.

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice, I hope I win one.. entered the competition! thanks!

  2. Wayne Toprock says:

    Very Cool looking lanyard!!

  3. Charley DeMars says:

    I need to have one I wear one all day at school. Please give me one!

  4. phil mcracken says:

    heyy can i have one so i can be as cool as u nerds?

    i use python and C++

    and use oracle and not access


    (and ive got a nice long USB stick 😉

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