Screencast: Next Generation Applications on Vista

Software vendors are already busy developing their range of next generation applications based upon beta versions of Vista so that they are ready to launch them at the same time as Vista. 

So what new stuff will you see with Vista based applications? Well we've got a new version of the .NET Framework coming out - .NET 3.0 - which is native in Vista and will deliver visually stunning apps with extreme ease.  Not only this but it provides a powerful platform to develop workflow based applications and also build solid communication based applications.  For more information on how .NET can impact the applications you develop, check out this page.  For a more technical insight, check out the .NET 3.0 Community Website.

The Patient Monitoring Application Screencast

This screencast shows off some of the powerful things that can be developed on Vista.  The scenario is a medically based one and highlights an application that a doctor might use to monitor patients on his ward.  You can imagine the doctor using a tablet pc with all this information at his or her fingertips. 


Video: View on Vista - Patient Monitoring

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Comments (4)

  1. This is the most impressive demonstration of a Vista application that I have seen to date.

    Is there information about who created the application, how it was created, and how others could modify it for use with  other industries? If so, that might make for a great additional post.

  2. zack says:

    OMG the British accent – beautiful may I add, from one Briton to another. Think this is the only screencast I’ve seen of Vista of which I can understand as opposed to that annoying screechy American accent!!

  3. ML49448 says:

    this is a nice video. it makes medical work look so more interesting and cool. thanks for posting this video. i gladly appreciate it.

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