Innovate On Windows Vista

I've been talking recently about the cool stuff you can do when developing applications on Windows Vista and if this has struck a chord with you, I'd recommend your next step is to check out the Innovate on portal for Vista. 

To assist you in developing solutions that fully optimize the powerful new features and enhancements, we've created an Innovate on Windows Vista initiative providing access to a variety of valuable benefits including:

  • Guidance through the compatibility, testing, and certification process.
  • Ten hours of e-mail based technical support from Windows Vista experts.
  • Access to MSDN Windows Vista developer forums, a jumpstart toolkit, the Application Compatibility Cookbook, developer blogs, white papers, webcasts, and more.
  • A full range of marketing resources and benefits.

There are some distinct stages to the Innovate on program which are:

  1. Enroll

    • Enroll Your Windows Applications

      • Select the appropriate path for each app

        • Certified for Windows Vista
        • Works with Windows Vista

      • Access tools, resources, and technical support
      • Receive email updates

    • Become an Early Adopter (RTM + 90 timeframe)

      • High touch personal support provided throughout the certification process
      • Receive detailed program updates via Live Meetings and access open forums to address your technical questions

  2. Build

    • Build toward "Certified for Vista", Vista Logo Technical Requirements and get

      • 10 hours of email- based technical support (English only)
      • Moderated Support Forums
      • E-Learning
      • Virtual Labs
      • Web seminars
      • Attend Innovation Days / Briefings

  3. Test

    • Ensure Current App Compatibility

      • Self Test
      • Use the “Windows Vista Jumpstart Toolkit”
      • Submit test results
      • Use Platform Adoption Tool (optional)

    • Develop Next Generation Windows Applications

      • Begin 3rd party testing late Sept / early Oct.
      • Use Platform Adoption Tool (optional)
      • Early Adopters* get free testing for a set number of applications

  4. Market

    • Promote Basic Compatibility

      • Windows Marketplace exposure (standard)
      • Solution Finder
      • PR Template (standard)

    • Release tested software and expand reach, Revenue Early Adopter (RTM + 90 timeframe) Exclusive:

      • Windows Marketplace exposure (premium listing)
      • Retail & Enterprise marketing activities
      • PR activities around Vista Launch
      • MSPP Partner Points


So, all in all, lots of benefits - so to get involved and find out more information check out:

Check out the Innovate on Vista portal

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