Zune Battery Life

I saw a post on Zune Insider that talked about the battery life of the Zune player and it got me thinking about how the numbers stack up against the competition.  So I pointed IE7 over to Apple's iPod website and Creative's Zen website and took a look at the technical specification details.

What I found was not really suprising; based on similar specs the battery life was pretty similar to that of the Zune.  To illustrate, I put all the data in a nicely presented table in Excel 2007 and used conditional formatting to highlight the numbers in relation to one another.

One thing that did impress me was that even with the wireless capabilities of the Zune player turned on the battery life doesn't degrade much at all - in fact it only dropped to 13 hours.



I also came across a screenshot of the Zune Marketplace which looks pretty funky.  I like the glass effect under the Music title and the new releases album - something that's really simple to do using the Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 3.0.  I wonder if they have a brown or white skin for this app so that you can get it to look like your own Zune?










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  1. Michael Gannotti says:

    Great write-up here. Love the use of Excel 2007 and the shading and icons to highlight the battery life.

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