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I've been wanting to post this screencast for a while now - because it shows off one of the killer features in Vista - Windows Meeting Space. 

Imagine the scenario; you've sat down for a coffee in your favourite caffeine outlet and you're meeting with a couple of people.  You've all got wireless laptops but the presentation you want to share is only on your machine and you need to share the presentation in order to effectively get your point across.   You've also got some backup case studies in word document format which you'd also like to share.  What's more, you'd really like the other attendees to make changes to the document in real time so that you can capture their thoughts effectively.  Oh no, there's no wireless network for you to connect to either so getting all these documents to each other is going to be a pain, better use a USB pen and wait 5 minutes until everyone's got a copy - what a waste of time.

Well in XP this would be an impossible situation to manage, but with Vista and Windows Meeting Space you can overcome all the challenges above very quickly and easily.  Meeting Space allows instant collaboration and sharing of meeting resources even without the presence of a wireless access point.  It automatically creates a secure ad-hoc wireless network that your attendees can connect to and then provides an intuative environment from which to share all your resources in a very effecient manner.

The screencast Matt and I recorded below shows off how simple it is to collaborate using Meeting Space and have a really effective meeting wherever you happen to be.  It's longer than the normal three minute screencasts I produce, but I hope you like it.


Video: View on Vista - Windows Meeting Space


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Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say I am quite pleased with this little gem in Vista. Once I started using it I haven’t gone

  2. Trevor says:

    Awesome… I love this demo, it had info I was missing in my little experience with Windows Vista’s Meeting space feature, thanks James.

  3. Jordan says:

    looks like James has multiple personalities:P haha just kidding, good video.

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