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Tickets are selling out fast for the EVO Roadshow - so make sure you get yours quick!  On the tour we're going to be be getting in front of thousands of partners and speaking about the opportunity that Exchange Vista and Office is bringing to the market right now, and in 2007 and beyond!

The new products are best showed off with fantastic demos and that's what we're busy crafting back in the PTS Labs at the moment.

We're not going to simply run through the features of the new products - you can find that on the web. Instead, we're going to be telling you a story where the benefits of Exchange, Vista and Office are woven into a real business scenario.  This is the most effective way to understand how, when combined together, these products interact in a way so powerful that the compelling business message is plain to see.

Exchange, Vista and Office are outstanding feats of engineering in their own right, but when combined, they truly are better together - and we're going to show you how and why. 

In fact this brings me nicely onto the way we're going to deliver the overall sessions.  We're going to help you understand why the offering is compelling, and then we're going to show you how you can deliver this to your customers.  After all, after seeing what you can with EVO, you're going to be extremely keen to find out how you do it - believe me.

So once again here's the information I posted last week - get your tickets quickly before they're sold out.  Forget the premier of the new James Bond film - this is one blockbuster that will be sure to leave you shaken and stirred.


  • How to get ready for EVO
  • Inspirational Demos
  • How to identify opportunities
  • How to answer tricky questions

Tour Dates

  • 25th October - ICC, Birmingham
  • 6th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 8th November - UBC, Manchester
  • 9th November - Watershed Theatre, Bristol
  • 10th November - Cavendish Centre, London
  • 16th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 21st November - Showcase Cinema, Leeds
  • 16th January - UBC, Manchester

We'll also being a five day road show in early December - so stay tuned about these too.


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    Are you ready for Microsoft’s biggest launch ever? The combined launch of Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft

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