Windows Vista RC2

The newest, publically available version of Vista has just hit the download servers.  With only days until launch to manufacturing and volume licensing customers, RC2 will provide the most stable and true picture as to the state of its readiness for release to market (RTM).

Everytime I speak to a new audience about Vista, I ask who is trying it out, and everytime the number of hands increases.  I normally "gently" encourage those who haven't tried it to do so by saying that those in the room with their hands up are competitors and are gaining an advantage.

Well, here's another opporunity to gain a competitive advantage and get testing the latest version of Vista with RC2.  Download it here:

Download: Windows Vista RC2 (x86 and x64) English
Download: Windows Vista RC2 (x86 and x64) German
Download: Windows Vista RC2 (x86 and x64) Japanese

Comments (5)

  1. james says:


    The links on my post will take you through to a download page where there a lots of ways to download RC2, either through the download manager or directly via your browser.



  2. james says:

    Looks like RC2 was pulled off the server on Monday which is why you were getting redirected to RC1 page.

    Sorry – but the window of opportunity closed on this one.  

    There are no problems with RC2 – I can assure you – it runs sweet!  There is not going to be an RC3 (as far as I’m aware), the next release will be the finished product.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Must be some big problems.  I too cannot find RC2, Build 5744.  Every link takes me to RC1.

    Can you provide a direct link to RC2?



  4. David Lomax says:

    The Vista RC2 links on the page:

    don’t seem to go to the download RC2 page. Interestingly odd. Do you have a download link for Vista RC2 please?


  5. Nitz says:

    @James: It seems that they pulled the RC2 downloads sometime Monday morning. I’ve been trying since then, and haven’t been able to find a working link. Also, having heard nothing from them, perhaps there was some big flaw? I’ve also heard some rumors of a ‘potential RC3’, nothing more than speculation on some forums however.

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