Search: The 13 billion dollar question

The explosion of the information age has resulted in an incredible opportunity around search for partners and Microsoft.  There's so much information out there both for businesses and consumers that at present most of it remains undiscovered; remaining an un-tapped resource from which to make powerful decisions.  We're calling it the $13 billion information management opportunity.

I've been checking out some partner resources we have recently published on the internet which gives a good overview of the search landscape and how to offer customers compelling solutions to solve problems like these:

"Employees may lose up to a quarter of their time just trawling for information" - IDC, "The hidden cost of Information Work", 2006

"The situation is so bad that no one in a large organisation can find out what that organisation knows" - IDC

Studies have shown that workers spend 15-30% of their time just looking for the information they need to do their job.  This is an incredible loss of productivity.

"It is estimated that 80% of corporate information exists on employees PCs" - Butler Group 2005

Start to understand the search opportunity with these useful resources:

Quickstart for Microsoft Search for Partners

Live Search website with more information

Knowledge Network for Sharepoint 2007

Knowledge Network Blog

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    Following on from my post about the 13 billion dollar opportunity here’s an annoucement about two training

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    I hear that some of your colleagues have some great blogs too all specialising in Search – James Akrigg on and Mike Pallot with – 🙂

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