Vista Express Upgrade

Buy a Vista-capable PC today and get an upgrade when Vista hits the shelves in the new year.  The manufacturers currently taking part in this offer are: Dell Fujitsu Lenovo HP Medion NEC Sony Toshiba (website not ready yet) From the looks of it they are all offering the same upgrade paths but different prices,…


Screencasts on

The friendly chaps over at the UK Partner site have provided me with space on their streaming server which means that you can watch the screencasts I’ve produced in glorious high quality rather than compressed on Soapbox. I’ve also gone to the trouble of creating a static page on this site so that you…


Windows Vista Sounds

The user experience is a high priority for Windows Vista, and part of that “experience” are the sounds that come with the operating system.  It’s incredible the amount of work that goes in to capturing that perfect sound to represent different events in Vista, and we went to the trouble of drafting in Robert Fripp…


How to detect Vista and Longhorn with WMI Filters

This ones for the IT admins out there.  When applying Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in active directory using WMI Filters, you can figure out whether a computer is running Vista or Longhorn Server by using the following queries: For Vista  SELECT Version, ProductType FROM Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version >= ‘6’ AND ProductType = ‘1’ For Longhorn Server…


Background Problem to be fixed in RTM

Talk about last minute, but the guys over on the Shell Team managed to get the problem with setting background images working properly and push a bug fix into the RTM code – looks like I need to download and install another build!!!  Maybe I should just wait for the gold disk – anyway I digress!…


Competition: Win a Vista Lanyard!

Be the envy of all your colleagues when you turn up to meetings with this fantastic Windows Vista Lanyard!  It’ll be the perfect way to keep your ID badge and/or ReadyBoost USB Pen handy wherever and whenever you need it! These lanyards are seriously sought after kit, in fact if I was allowed, I’d be making…


Vista Lanyard Competition

I’ve got 10 high-quality Vista lanyards to give away which will allow you to be the most envied person around the office!   Throw away your XP lanyards and get the upgrade today!  To be in with a chance of winning yourself one of these never-to-be-seen-again slices of technological history, all you have to do is tell me:…


Vista Screencasts

Group Policy for USB Removable Devices A big worry for IT Managers is the removal of intellectual property (company documents, trade secrets etc) by using USB flash pens – which are extremely common nowadays.  In Vista, we provide group policy settings so the IT can stop foreign USB devices from being installed which means they…


Vista Deployment Screencast

The latest screencast insallment is on Vista deployment; to give it the proper name – Business Desktop Deployment (BDD).  So what’s behind the acronym?  Well, BDD provides one solution with which businesses can plan, build and deploy Windows Vista to their user’s machines.  The deployment techniques used in Vista are drastically different from those used…


Tablet Input Panel Screencast

Now in high definition (relative to Soapbox): Tablet Input Panel Screencast (9.2 MB WMV)   Technorati tags: Vista, Screencast