Games on Vista with quad damage

I'm not talking Chess Titans here, nor Quake for that matter.  What can be done with a quad core processor from Intel and Windows Vista?  Well an example is Alan Wake which my main man Long Zheng drew my attention to today via a video posted on YouTube.

My former employer, Mr Otellini was on stage at a conference when some guys gave a demo of what they'd been up to when given a quad-core Intel processor and a copy of Windows Vista.  The results are stunning.  I love it when, during the demo, the guy says "the physics of this are being rendered using one core" - nice!!!!

I can't wait until November to get my hands on a laptop with quad-core... maybe my good friends at Alienware are already on the case??? 🙂

By the sounds of it I'll only have to wait until 2011 until I can get an 80 core laptop.... the mind boggles.


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