Introducing ELF for Vista and Office

Some of the top concerns business customers have about deploying Windows Vista are

  1. Hardware requirements
  2. App Compat/Software testing
  3. User Training
  4. Building a solid business case; value proposition

To tackle the user training side of things we have developed the Enterprise Learning Framework that aims to help develop training courses and communications plans for their employees so moving to the new operating system is as simple as possible. This means that the productivity gains that Vista provides are realised as soon as possible.

Check out the ELF here:

Vista Training Whitepaper

There is also a new whitepaper available that describes how to learn about Vista in the context of your company what the key points are for different types of users so you can delivery the most appropriate training depending on your audience: Learning Windows Vista in the Workplace

New Learning Resources for Windows Vista

Check out the different ways you can learn about Vista in this powerpoint presentation we have been delivering: New Learning Resources for Windows Vista

Windows Vista Help and Support Site

Most companies don't realise that support and help information is already available for them on the web.  For example the Help and Support Center for Windows Vista is chock full of useful guides and tutorials that cover common tasks.

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