What’s in PerformancePoint Server 2007

PerformancePoint Server help businesses improve their "Performance Management".

The announcement of PerformancePoint Server 2007 heralds the bringing together of three exciting parts of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. 

First, through the aquisition of ProClarity last month, PerformancePoint will include the ProClarity Analytics Server which builds upon and extends the functionality of Analysis Services and our industry leading OLAP engine.  It provides intuitive tools and visualisations that allow business decision makers to quickly explore information and perform root cause analysis, leading them to make accurately informed decisions in the minimum amount of time.  By placing the right tools in the hands of the users, they are able to conduct their own detailed analysis thus alleviating the burden from IT professionals.

Secondly, Business Scorecard Manager provides a rich environment with which to track an organisations performance relative to its strategic objectives.  Using the rich user interface, decision makers can quickly identify and act upon areas of concern driving a more pro-active and healthy organisation. 

Lastly, PerformancePoint Server includes a new product which at the moment is code-named Biz#.  This product consildates planning and budgeting aspects of Performance Management.

I'm going to start playing around with PerformancePoint Server so watch this space for my thoughts on it.

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