Windows Vista Deployment Tips & Tricks

Efficiently deploying a new desktop operating system requires weeks and sometimes months of preparation. Regardless of when you plan to install Windows Vista, now is the time to begin preparing your people and infrastructure. Check out these tips to discover how to best deploy Windows Vista within your environment


Windows Vista Enterprise wins OS of the year

After a glitzy, A-list celebrity infested, Oscar-esque affair, Windows Vista Enterprise was crowned Operating System of the year at the CRN Products of the year award. Interesting that they chose Enterprise over Ultimate though.  I guess they don’t need Media Center or the Ultimate Extras! 🙂


Exchange 2007 Free Trial

Experience Exchange Server 2007 benefits firsthand. When you sign up for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Evaluation Program, they can use Exchange Server 2007 free for 120 days. Built-in features–including unified messaging, data replication, and advanced management tools–help meet common business and IT challenges. Check it out here


Vista & Office availability for Partners

We’ve been experiencing some turbulence with respects to our partners getting license keys for Vista and Office but thankfully these have been resolved.  Below are the details regarding what was going on: For reference, PMC stands for Partner Membership Center.   Vista/Office 2007 Activation Key Availability in PMC                                              Status:  Green Issue: The activation keys for…


Vista Events

Buy your loved one a ticket to these fantastic events: 31 January 2007, London: Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies Historically, operating systems have lived in their own little bubbles of trust. Every part of an operating system assumed that every other part was exactly what it claimed to be and performed only what it claimed…


PerformancePoint Server goes loopy

Wow! The CTP (Customer Technology Preview) of PerformancePoint Server was released the other week and has been getting some rather good feedback.  Here’s what the press have been saying about it:   Why Microsoft PerformancePoint matters – Mary Jo Foley, 12-05-2006 ZDNet On December 5, Microsoft announced the public availability of a Community Technology Preview (CTP)…


It’s been a while…

Thought I’d better reestablish contact with the blogosphere after being out on the road with my team showcasing Exhange 2007, Vista and Office 2007 to the masses in the UK at cinemas nationwide.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and to say I’m tired is an understatement!  So with a bulging inbox and things…


Bristol is now ready for the business evolution

Yesterday, we presented the first of five cinema events featuring Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and Vista.  The gig itself was at the Bristol iMax which had a spectacular screen onto which we presented the fabulous.  One of the AV guys informed me that the screen was made partly of Silver and cost £3000 per square…


New look for Windows Vista site

The Windows Vista site at has undergone a face-lift following the business launch of Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 yesterday with a beautiful backdrop of Beijing Shanghai.  I wonder if we’re going to start seeing different cities appearing on here from now until consumer launch???


If Microsoft was a bank….

… we’d probably be the best bank in the world.   Video: Bank of the future