MVA JUMPSTART: Migrating Legacy Windows Server to 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure

Our very own Andrew "Macca" McMurray will be hosting his first MVA Jumpstart on 24th July. It may be very VERY early in the morning for you to jump online in Aus, but you should definitely register anyway to get your hands on a recording in the following 1-2 weeks. Check out the abstract below for an idea of what…


Paramount and Dreamworks Animation choose HD-DVD

Just as I was losing hope for HD DVD…Viacom Inc’s Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc said on Monday they will release their next-generation DVD titles exclusively on HD DVD ahead of what they say could be the biggest holiday season ever for DVDs. Paramount had sold titles in both the new high-definition formats…


Holographic Storage offers 300GB of storage on a standard disc

The worlds first Holographic Storage devices will be launching soon.  Initial storage will be around 300GB on a single disc and could offer 1.6Tbytes on a single disc within 3 years. The product being launched by InPhase is the Tapestry 300R drive and media, which has a capacity of 300Gbytes and a transfer rate of 20Mbytes a…


Windows Live SkyDrive Announced

This was the formerly known as Windows Live Folders.  It has a bunch of features including 500MB of web space for users.  The beta is not open yet in Australia, Ill let you know when it does.Here is a demo of Windows Live SkyDrive: