New Forefront Client Security TechCenter

We have just released the a new Forefront Client Security TechCenter on TechNet Online.  There are some really good resources including: Virtual Labs Webcasts Technical Library Community Resources Forefront Client Security Forums Forefront Client Security Blog Dont know what Forefront Client Security is?  Watch the Demo VideoMicrosoft Forefront Client Security provides unified malware protection for…

Vista 6 month vulnerability report – better than XP?

Good report at Jeff Jones blog those that only want the executive summary, here is a key chart that shows the publicly disclosed High severity vulnerabilities during the first 90 days of availability, broken down by vulns fixed and vulns unfixed.  Note that this chart is showing the reduced Linux builds that exclude non-default…

TechNet Magazine Online – June 2007

It’s security month again. Learn how User Account Control in Windows Vista protects the machines you manage by limiting the administrator privileges users normally run with. BitLocker Drive Encryption, another Vista feature, adds security as well by providing full volume encryption and the validation of startup components. Also this month, finally get the tools you…

Complimentary 1 day Hands on Labs

Microsoft and DDLS is pleased to offer you this complimentary offer to attend a one day technical Hands-On lab, and experience hands-on the System Center and Forefront technology (valued at $600/day+GST), at a city near you.Forefront Client and Server Security Products Hands on LabMicrosoft System Center Essentials Hands on LabMicrosoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 &…


How to become an exceptional security manager

Good article in Computerworld taking tips from a surgeon’s textbook and applying it to IT Security Management. “The number one indicator for above-average medical care was often simply consistency. In the story related on NPR, the author discussed how one doctor was able to have significantly longer survival rates for his cystic fibrosis patients (47…


TechNet Security and Management Roadshows – Registration open

Registration for the TechNet Security and Management Roadshows are now open.  Its $149 to register, there is content not only from Microsoft but also Industy partners and customers. Plus you can also win 1 of 4 foosball tables for your IT Team.  Nice. Click here for more information and registration details


New Forefront Security TechCenters available now

Some excellent technical resources around Forefront Security can be found at the new TechCenters.  Get your hands on the trials today and start testing.  Forefront Client Security TechCenter Forefront Security for Exchange Server TechCenter Forefront Security for SharePoint TechCenter