Happy Retirement Windows XP!


Time to move off XP?  Little reminder for the upcoming end of support date.



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  1. Earl Grey says:

    Unfortunately, XP works and Win 8 is a pile of crap. Other than that, it's a great idea to spend $$ and a day upgrading to Win 8. Come on MS, XP came out in 2002. You've spent 11 years and god knows how many billions, to produce something that is woeful. You NEED to take a look at your processes or some one will come along and take your market away from you. Think MySpace.

  2. Rat says:

    All one I can say is its a great day for LINUX. Its only viable competition is dead.

  3. Tim says:

    Earl ,

    can you name three issues that you're not happy with win 8

  4. Jason says:

    Earl: i'd also like to hear why your un-happy with Win8?

  5. Baz says:

    We are still on XP because a lot of our inhouse web applications require IE6. Played with Windows 8.1 and I thnk it will take time to work out where all the settings are hiding but as far as the end user is concerned, I think the tile system should make there experience a little easier if we set it up correctly for the users and not clutter it up too much.

  6. Glenn says:

    My parents will be sticking with XP, and office 2003 they can use it.  It works fine for them  and for their small business they can use the web and send and receive emails.  If it means the Microsoft will not release any more updates for XP, will my parents can live with that.  They have only been using a computer for the business for 15 years and dad has only just worked out how to get into the email and the browser without someone doing it for him in the last couple of years.  Last thing I want to do is confuse him!!

  7. Axe Man says:

    75% of users do only 2 things. E-mails and web browse. Windows XP does this already. In fact Windows XP does everything already quite well. Change for the sake of change.

  8. Phwed says:

    It is not "change for the sake of change",but change for more profit.

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