Changes to TechNet Subscriptions and a promo code!

TechNet Subscriptions is tailored to fit the needs of your IT environment for every organization. There are three different products that are geared towards different roles and organizational needs whether you are evaluating, testing, or deploying Microsoft software.

TechNet_Std Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Standard: Tailored to help IT Professionals evaluate, test, and troubleshoot Microsoft software for desktop environments. TechNet Standard does not include some enterprise editions of Microsoft software.
Price AUD$337.00
TechNet_Pro Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Professional: Geared towards IT Professionals who need a more comprehensive subscription and are primarily focused on supporting enterprise wide environments such as the following scenarios: server consolidation, interoperability, network management and more.
Price AUD$618.00
TechNet_Pro Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Professional with Media: Offers the same benefits as TechNet Professional, but is geared towards those organizations with bandwidth constraints and/or prefer a DVD copy of software.
Price AUD$1,048.00


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Comments (13)

  1. itproaustralia says:

    @Phil will be automatically migrated

  2. itproaustralia says:

    Local and regional pricing for Microsoft products is based on a number of market-specific factors including, but not limited to, our forecast of exchange rates, local taxes, duties, regulatory requirements and operational and support costs. As such, the level of resources required to conduct business varies by market, and pricing reflects this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have also noticed the big price difference between US and AU.

    I'm a CFML (ColdFusion) developer and we have a similar issue with Adobe.  They give the excuse that pricing is set by each region…is that the case here?

    I realise that the quoted exchange rates aren't exactly what you pay on your credit card but as a rough comparison (19th July 2010):

    Standard $199 USD = $228 AUD  (listed at $337 AUD)

    Professional $349 USD = $401 AUD  (listed at $618 AUD)

    Pro + Media $599 USD = $688 AUD  (listed at $1048 AUD)

    Thought it would be interesting to also compare to UK

    Standard £134 GBP = $235 AUD  (listed at $337 AUD)

    Professional £349 USD = $411 AUD  (listed at $618 AUD)

    Pro + Media £599 USD = $706 AUD (listed at $1048 AUD)

    I got the US prices from…/buy.aspx and the UK prices from…/buy.aspx

    Exchanges rates are:

    1 AUD = 0.8635 USD

    1 AUD = 0.5646 GBP

    The UK and US prices work out to be very similar (max difference of $18 for Pro + Media).  So why at the high end of the scale are we paying $360 more than the US?  There is no way shipping on this kit (over its licence period) would be $360.  

    Even more concerning is the difference on the Standard and Pro subscriptions.  They are for downloaded versions of the software.



  4. Phil says:

    so what happens if I have just renewed my Technet Plus Direct under the old scheme?

  5. colin says:

    I checked the expanded software list, I noticed that SBS 2008 is not on the standard list.  Is that right???

  6. gareth.douce says:

    So can anyone explain $337 for standard in AU, compares to $199 (USD) if you're in the US?  It is a download only product….

  7. Wingepool says:

    Why the difference between Australian pricing and American pricing for a downloaded product? May as well subscribe at the USA site.

  8. Deonast says:

    I have to agree with Gareth and Wingepool there is a huge difference in pricing between the US and Australian subscriptions well beyond exchange rate.  In the past Microsoft has told the press differencing in pricing was due to retailers, but in this case with Microsoft being the retailer direct from the internet via downloads this shouldn't be the case.

    I'd probably be interested in Standard for my needs, just a shame I would pay a premium over US citizens.

  9. Deonast says:

    Just checking, last time I tried to post with firefox nothing happened so seeing if this site just requires IE or it was a glitch.

    Oh I don't hold out hope on an official reply to our pricing queries, would you?

  10. Deonast says:

    Ok glitch, some connections do have them 🙂

  11. PP says:

    It is big huge difference between au and US prices.not sure if we get any explanation here…

  12. PP says:

    It is huge difference between au and US prices.not sure if we get any explanation here…

  13. Bob Hyatt says:

    Buy your technet subscription online through the US technet site and save 50% on the AUS prices.

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