Get your creative hats on! Tell us your ideas for Microsoft TechEd 2010 Australia

As you know (if you don’t you should!) TechEd 2010 Australia will be held on the Gold Coast 24-27 August.  We need you to put your creative hats on (or whatever you put on when you need to get creative) and tell us your ideas for what you want to see at TechEd 2010.  The idea could be to do with content, food, event logistics, the party, the TechEd bag, the Tech Showcase, speakers, anything to do with the conference!

This TechEd is all about you so help shape it the way you want it to be.  Who said Techies can’t be creative?????

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Comments (7)

  1. Fizz says:

    How about a Win7 Mobile for each attendee

  2. jay says:

    Hope can have some different themes of foods, like window server 2008 R2 cake or hyper-v virtualization café. The shape of the foods should be very strange and interesting instead of plain boring food can buy from street shops.

  3. Frank says:

    How About HP Slate for everyone

  4. Andrew says:

    HP Slates for Everyone, considering they should be cheaper than the Netbook you gave us last year, keep the themes like last year, that was good, more from Research, that would have been one of the best Presentations that I have seen. Maybe a proper Backpack this time would be good.  maybe some stuff about a Zune Phone? or some other HOT topic thats under Develpment, considering we all sign a confident agreement, whats the Harm and oh yeah bring out Kleefie this time Lilia was great but it would be good to see him here this time

  5. amanda says:

    Definitely would like to see more Exchange 2010 stuff, especially all the good stuff that integrates with Office 2010.

    Security and Exchange 2010 would be a topic I would go to. (Forefront etc)

    More coffee carts! – I think this is more important than tech content 🙂

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